Hunting and Fishing in Fall

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Fall hunting in Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long and rich tradition. Whether for hunting or fishing, BiH is the right place for it, and fall is the right time. Due to its wealth of water resources in every corner of the country you can find a place that is a real haven for anglers. It does not matter whether you are in the north, south, east or west, you'll find rivers or lakes rich in fish.

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Adventure and Sports in Summer

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The intact nature and mountainous wilderness that characterize central Dinaric Alps is a paradise for nature and adventure fans. The diversity of both landscape and ecological systems have created a stunning example of natural wonders.

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Spas and Healing Waters

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Aquaterm Spa, Olovo

It is interesting that mineral water from Olovo area was used in 1982. for the first time, although it was known much earlier. Even Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric in his short story "The Miracle in the Lead" noted the importance of Olovo’s water. The basis of therapy in Aquaterm is oligomineral healing water.

Gata Spa, Bihac

Located near the mountains Grmec and Pljesivica, surrounded by picturesque rivers Una and Korana, at an altitude of 120 meters, Gata Spa is a true oasis in the Krajina where guests can relax and fully dedicate to theirselves and their health. For those who would like to be more active during their stay at Gata, local area offers a myriad of options, from pleasant strolls to the challenges that only rafting on Una can provide.

Guber Spa, Srebrenica

The healing mineral water of Srebrenica is known from the time of the ancient Romans who called its sources Domavija, and the whole area in this beautiful corner of Eastern Bosnia - Argentaria. And during the reign of the Turks, fame of the healing water from the source of Javor Mountain spread, and it is interesting that today’s name of Srebrenica’s spa dates from these times. Turkish soldiers came to Srebrenica to be treated for leprosy, hence the name "Guber".

Ilidza Spa, Gradacac

The first spa in the area of Gradacac was built in 1882., although the healing properties of its termal water were known during Roman and Turkish Empires. It has been noted that two residential buildings were constructed near the spa object 120 years ago and that was the foundation of modern spa-hotel complex of Ilidza.

Ilidza Spa, Sarajevo

At Sarajevo valley, at eight miles from the center of Sarajevo, is located widely known Banja Ilidza which was named after the Turkish word "iladza" meaning the drug. Located at the foothills of Igman and near the source of Bosna River, and surrounded by nicely arranged park and the famous Velika aleja (Grand Mall), Ilidza’s Spa is a place where the treatment and all types of holiday can ideally be combined.

Reumal Spa, Fojnica

Reumal Spa in Fojnica is modernly equipped and special institution for rehabilitation, recreation, active rest and programmed sport activities. It is located on an area of 79,550 m2, with useful indoor space of20.845 m2. In four buildings, 560 beds are available to the guests.

Sanska Ilidza Spa, Sanski Most

Twelve kilometers from Sanski Most, going up the River Sana, is Sanska Ilidza, space for which it is claimed that was beneficial to the people even during the Turkish rule. Most credit for this belongs certainly to the source of mineral water, and there is no doubt that the river was named Sana (sanus-health) thanks to the healing properties of water in the area of Ilidza.

Vrucica Spa, Teslic

Water of Vrucica Spa successfully treats heart and circulatory diseases, rheumatism, stomach disorders, diabetes, neurosis and neuralgia, enhances and speeds up the rehabilitation and helps the healthy to maintain and improve their fitness. Moderately continental climate, a lot of greenery in the wider region of Spa provide plenty of clean and fresh air with enough ozone.

Slana Spa, Tuzla

Slana Spa is situated on the slopes of Majevica, and surrounded by mountains Konjuh and Ozren. Using and healing properties of this water that rises in spa’s vicinity is known for more than ten centuries, and its official testing and usage commenced in 1908. Interestingly, the first patient of this spa was the emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Joseph.


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Canyons of rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina - emerald Neretva River, marvelous Drina River, clear Una River and attractive Tara River - will offer you pleasure and unforgettable adventure on water.   
The strength of clear, sparkling waters, wild beauty of surrounding cliffs and banks is a pleasure that one must experience.

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BBI Centar

BBI Centar is a modern business center which with its concept and quality of services provides a unique atmosphere of the highest standards. It is designed to meet the needs of all visitors and encompass a variety of topics and therefore is the most complete center of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In BBI Center you can visit the showroom of famous brands, among which are those who arrived on the BiH market for the first time. Part of BBI Center is modern and sophisticated office space, which extends up to the 10th floor.
Within the unique space in the center of city you can visit the supermarket, beauty salon, hairdressing salon, fitness center, children's playroom, showroom of famous brands, enjoy the restaurant cuisine a la carte, take a break with the sweet and salty in the Food Court, and freshen yourself up in the cafes.
During the visit of Center, you can leave your car at one of 464 parking spaces with video surveillance, placed on three underground levels.
When your shopping fever is over and you want to enjoy the outdoors, the square in front of the BBI Center with area of about 5,500 m2, is an ideal place to rest in the open, because it is fully equipped with urban facilities (benches, flower boxes, lights, fountain).
The square is a meeting place for the citizens of Sarajevo in which BBI Center will be organizing artistic performances, children's games and workshops, concerts, promotions, sporting events, etc.


The first modern shopping center of Merkur company in Sarajevo, also the largest of this type in the Balkans, opened on June 13, in Stup. In the area of 14,000 square meters, customers can find the widest range of quality products for the home, garden and workshop. Total investment is worth 25 million euros and in the mall hundred workers are employed.
Merkur made the new center through subsidiary company Intermerkur Nova Ltd., and offers citizens from the territory of Sarajevo and its wider environment proven concept of “pleasant shopping”, which main feature is concern about buying conditions, combined with a modern and nice shopping area and offering of more than 35,000 different products of renowned world suppliers.
The center is divided into two parts. Merkurdom offers products for home furnishing, spending free time more comfortable and garden arrangement, while Merkurprofi offers customers products for local craftsmen, artisans and entrepreneurs. From sales services offered to customers are home delivery, gift vouchers, transportation of white goods, collection of used batteries and the like.


Alta Center

Welcome to Alta Shopping Center, a new and exciting destination for shopping in the heart of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With innovative and contemporary design, ideal location and a wide range of diverse shops, restaurants and cafes, Alta is a completely new shopping experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The unique look of Alta will not only promote our esteemed international and domestic clients, but will provide guests with the pleasure they deserve. Designed to inspire the most refined tastes of residents of Sarajevo, Alta offers something special for everyone. We will regularly publish information on our website for you to be better informed about updates to Alta Shopping Center.

Grand Center

Located in the heart of Ilidza, near Velika Aleja (Grand Mall), thermal waters and numerous restaurants. Grand Center is distinguished by its beauty and modern design.

Importanne Center

Importanne Center is the first center in Sarajevo which conceptually combines commercial, residential and shopping environment in a single unit. Located in the commercial and cultural center of the city, Importanne, in a specific way, creates a new image of Sarajevo.


We are one of the largest and most successful retail chains in South East Europe and the leading retail chain in Slovenia, and increasingly we gain success in new markets.

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