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Summer Vacation

Although one can not expect too much from such a small country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is emerging as one of the newest and most exciting tourist destinations in South East Europe. With a wide range of attractions and diverse menu of activities, Bosnia and Herzegovina will certainly surprise you and satisfy every type of traveler.
Summer, as the major season, provides the most opportunities of which we stress


The visit to the most attractive cities:

  • Sarajevo
  • Mostar
  • Bihac
  • Jajce
  • Travnik


Walk the Most Beautiful Mountains:

  • Bijelasnica/Igman
  • Jahorina
  • Vlasic
  • Grmec
  • Trebevic
  • Vranica


Rafting on Wild Rivers:

  • Neretva
  • Tara
  • Vrbas
  • Una
  • Krivaja
  • Drina


Relaxation near Green Lakes:

  • Jablanicko
  • Boracko
  • Plivsko
  • Prokosko


Shopping at the Old Markets:

  • Bascarsija
  • Mostarska Carsija
  • Ferhadija


Or in the Newest Malls:

  • BBI
  • Alta
  • Mercator
  • Importanne
  • Grand Centar


Relaxation in the Renowned Spas:

  • Aquaterm Spa, Olovo
  • Gata Spa, Bihac
  • Ilidza Spa, Sarajevo
  • Reumal Spa, Fojnica
  • Vrucica Spa, Teslic


Admiration at Beautiful Waterfalls:

  • Plivski Waterfall
  • Strbacki Buk
  • Kravice
  • Skakavac
  • Martinbrod
  • Waterfall on Bliha


Travel Deep into History:

  • The Old Bridge in Mostar
  • The Old Town in Travnik
  • Tombstones all across Bosnia
  • Fortresses in Kljuc, Srebrenik, Gradacac or Jajce
  • Arslanagica Bridge in Trebinje
  • Begova Mosque in Sarajevo


Research of Forests and Caves:

  • Perucica
  • Bijamabare
  • Hrustovacka Cave
  • Forests of Igman
  • Vjetrenica


Camping in the Beautiful Nights:

  • Una Raft Camp
  • Overnight Stay at the Mouth of Rakitnica
  • Cottages in Vlasic


Excitement of Hunting and Fishing

  • Fishing in the Upper Course of Neretva
  • Trip with One of the Hunting Associations
  • Night Fishing on Lake Rama


Grilled Lamb

  • in the Restaurant Blue Water
  • in the Countryside with Home Ambiance
  • on Prokosko Lake


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