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Sarajevo the capital city of BiH and its administrative, cultural and educational centre is located in the Sarajevo valley. It is urrounded by Bjelasnica and Igman mountains in the south-west and Trebevic mountain in the... read more


Some oriental parts of Sarajevo, which gained specific character, as it is Bascarsija, are being reviving for twenty years. Bascarsija was a meeting point of tradesmen, craftsmen, tourists and other travelers.

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Spring of Bosna

The spring of the River Bosna located in the central region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, southwest of Sarajevo. It is one of the country's top natural landmarks and is one of the most famous scenes of natural beauty in the region.

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Spring, the Hibernation is passed

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Hibernation is passed. Everything is waking up. From spring flowers to humans and animals. Everything is in bloom and cheerfull.

If you were to ask which is the most beautiful time in Bosnia, all would say spring. Forests and meadows are covered with a green floral carpet. White clouds are on the blue sky. Vineyards, orchards and forests are decorated with their tiny, white and pink flowers. The days are getting longer. Storks are back. Acacia blossoms and bees intoxicated by sweet nectar enjoy the flight. People start preparing the fields and gardens for spring planting and seeding.
People spend more time outdoors in nature. They wear light clothing and shoes. Sometimes the spring rain falls from which we protect with the colorful umbrellas.
Bears wake up from sleep and from the south migratory birds return and many animals get their young.
Visit Bosnia in the spring and we have attractive destinations for you.


Bascarsija is Sarajevo's old bazaar and the historical and cultural center of the city. Bascarsija was built in the 15th century when Isa Beg (Bey) Ishakovic founded the city. Word “Bascarsija” originates from the word “bas” which means “main” in Turkish, so Bascarsija means “main carsija (bazar)”. Because of the large fires in the 19th century, today’s Bascarsija is twice smaller than it once was.
Bascarsija is located on the north bank of River Miljacka, in the municipality of Stari Grad (The Old Town). There are several important historic buildings on Bascarsija, such as Gazi Husrev-Begova (Bey’s) Mosque and Sahat Kula (Clock Tower). Today is Bascarsija main tourist attraction of the city of Sarajevo.
Skakavac Waterfall
Skakavac Waterfall is located 12 km north of Sarajevo, above village Nahorevo. It is is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in BiH and is a real tourist attraction. The waterfall is 98 meters high and is located in a landscape of exceptional beauty. The surrounding area is one of the most diverse in that region, dominated by spruce-fir and beech-fir forests, with spruce on the slopes of terrain. There are thermophilous forests and thickets of hornbeam and autumn moor grass, and hornbeam and ash on shallow calcareous soil, near the waterfall. Especially interesting is vegetation on the rocks around the waterfall, which is abundant in endemic and rare species. Waterfall Skakavac, in many ways remarkable, is one of the most attractive sites in the vicinity of Sarajevo.

Vrelo Bosne

Vrelo Bosne is located in the southwest part of Sarajevsko Polje, at the foot of Mount Igman. It’s fair to say that Vrelo Bosne represents the most beautiful part of Sarajevo, the pride of the citizens of Sarajevo who spend their free moments in beautiful surroundings with the murmur of river Bosna. The presence of water, lush vegetation, cool breeze from Igman is an experience that offers every visitor ambiance that can not be forgotten. You can feel the spirit of intact nature in this place. However, what is most beautiful is the very source of River Bosna, which rises from several strong karst springs at an altitude of 492 m in the area of Mount Igman. Since it is a high quality water, the pumping station of city waterworks is built next to the source. Around the source, flora and fauna is rich and specific and contributes to the beauty of the landscape and gives the ambiance a special value.


Bijambare tract, which comprises 370 acres, recently has been declared by the law a protected area of the fifth category ("protected landscape"). Traditionally is considered to be highly valued for its natural beauty and wealth.
The greatest attraction of this area is certainly the approach to the caves that are well grouped. In three horizons, there are five caves, which have their own name and that are more known, but there is also one unnamed cave, which is probably still unexplored. The largest cave is called Glavna (Main) Bijambare’s Cave or Srednja (Middle) Bijambare’s Cave or simply Bijambare.


Mountain Trebevic (1629 m of altitude) is located above Sarajevo, what makes the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina maybe unique capital in the world, because in just one hour and thirty minutes it is possible to climb from the city center to the top, where you can have a magnificent view of the many beautiful mountains and valleys.

Izvor Bune

This spring is located 12 km southeast of Mostar. It rises below the cliff hundreds of meters high and 200 meters long forming by its quantity Buna River. 43 cubic meters of drinking water rise per second. Tekka at Izvor Bune is built in the 16th century for the dervish order, and today is a tourist attraction in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Tekka is open to visitors throughout the year, and you can have a refreshing drink, Turkish coffee or tea in a beautiful garden that looks at Izvor Bune. This area is also known for the diversity of its flora and a large number of endemic species. There are many evergreen and deciduous plants at lower altitudes while the hills are covered with sparse forests. Fertile arable land is suitable for the typical Mediterranean agriculture.

Boracko Lake

The real adventure is waiting for you behind the top of the mountain near Boracko Lake. Boracko Lake is situated between the mountains Prenj, Visocica and Bjelasnica. It is a favorite picnic and rest area of domestic and foreign tourists. It’s 20 km away from Konjic, and is well-signposted.
Boracko Lake is a natural mountain lake suitable for swimming, relaxation and recreation. A heaven for hunters and anglers.
Beside the lake, you can camp and barbecue. The best place is next to the restaurant, near the stream and with plenty of luxurious shade.

Fortress Vranduk

Old Town Vranduk with its settlement is located about 10 kilometers downstream from Zenica. It is on the left side of River Bosna, which at this point is narrowed and takes the form of a gorge. The town was strategically built on part of the soil elongated like an peninsula that descends from the mountain side along River Bosna. Vranduk was the gateway of the Bosnian kingdom to the northern region which was controlled by the Hungarians.


This area was already inhabited in the time between the Illyrians and the Romans even though the town was first mentioned in 1260., in a document of King Bel IV.
These north-western regions were the boundary that separated the Ottoman empire from Austro-Hungarian empire. Bihac is a charming little town situated on the banks of River Una. The city is full of cafes that inevitably gravitate to the beautiful river Una. It’s more than worth to visit Bihac, or any town built on these emerald waters.
This is undeniably a great place to vacation if you are traveling to the coast of Croatia and Plitvice Lakes that are situated just across the border. Or better yet, experience the real magic of these waters - stay a few days, walk the banks of the river, go to rafting down the amazing rapids, or just sit and listen to the exciting story that the river tells with its gurgle.

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