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Sarajevo the capital city of BiH and its administrative, cultural and educational centre is located in the Sarajevo valley. It is urrounded by Bjelasnica and Igman mountains in the south-west and Trebevic mountain in the... read more


Some oriental parts of Sarajevo, which gained specific character, as it is Bascarsija, are being reviving for twenty years. Bascarsija was a meeting point of tradesmen, craftsmen, tourists and other travelers.

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Spring of Bosna

The spring of the River Bosna located in the central region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, southwest of Sarajevo. It is one of the country's top natural landmarks and is one of the most famous scenes of natural beauty in the region.

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Winter, our Offer is hot

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Beside mountain winter ski centers with regulated infrastructure for an active holiday, winter tourist offer in Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of other quality destinations.

It is desirable in the winter to visit the spas in Fojnica, Ilidza near Sarajevo, Gradacac, Vrucica Spa near Teslic. With high quality and constant snowfall from December to March, the mountains in BiH offer a climate ideal for winter sports. With a large range of new facilities and modern accommodation, Sarajevo once again takes the place of the best ski center in southeastern Europe. Sarajevo is not the only ski centar in BiH. Vlasic Mountain near the old town of Travnik is the best organized ski resort in central Bosnia. With recent additions of several new hotels and guest houses, Vlasic can not be ignored. Skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina is fast, fun and inexpensive and from the winter sports we recommend it.
During the winter tour skiing is the fastest way to visit the mountains, even when the snow is very deep, and allows you to enjoy the descents through the untouched snow. Prenj, Visocica, Vlasic, Bjelasnica are just some of the most important destination for tour skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Glacial valleys, calcareous peaks, large plateaus and intact nature are some of the purposes of tour skiing in BiH.


Did you ever ski along the trail, along which, while competing, skied the Olympic champions? If not, then the time is right for you to choose, for your next winter holidays, some of the winter ski resorts in Bosnia and Hercegovina. When you get a lot of experience, you'll realize the magic of skiing, feel the speed at which you can observe the beauties of nature in not just the usual way!


is a winter sport in which snowboarders are surfing on the board which is 150-160 cm long and 25 cm wide on the average. Unlike skiing, ski poles are not used in snowboarding and snowboarders do not stand upright as the skiers, but on the side, wearing buce specifically designed for snowboarding, and attached to the board with bindings. Snowboarding entered the program of Olympic Winter Games in 1998. in Nagano.
Fans of this party call it the free sledding, performance by sledge or extreme sledding, and that's about as far from your sledding in the yard as the surf at high waves. Do you think sledding when used a flying saucer is exciting? Maneuverable sledge is the experience that gives you a feeling that you fly along the trail. Capsizing, dipping or passing rapidly through the trees, over ditches, dikes, snow-covered stairs, man-made hills or naturally created mountain, are at your offer.

Ice Skating

is certainly one of the winter activities of the city of Sarajevo. Zetra Olympic Hall for this type of sport and entertainment offers the ideal opportunities without compensation since the ice skating is free of charge. One of the advantages of this winter attraction is that it is not necessary to travel far because Zetra is located just five minutes from the very center of Sarajevo.
is the highest level of performance in mountaineering. Alpinism requires constant, excellent physical fitness, mental stability, great experience. Alpinist is trained and qualified to stay in the mountain, regardless of location, in the most inhospitable terrains in any part of Bosnia, in every season and harshest weather conditions.

Ice Climbing

is a sport that attracts adventurers in BiH. As the name says, this is a climbing on frozen surfaces, whether they are frozen waterfalls or rocks covered with ice. In winter conditions you can experience the excitement and fun climbing up on some of frozen waterfalls, which are abundant around Zenica and Sarajevo.
We organize for you an unforgettable experience of snow safari where you can enjoy the beautiful snow-capped mountain landscapes, during favorable weather conditions. To participate in the snow safari, you will need warmer wardrobe, gloves and goggles.

Night Skiing

Beside good conditions for the day skiing, Bjelasnica have reflectors for night skiing recreation, so night skiing enthusiasts can use this very well prepared trail. Trail moderately slopes down, it’s 750 m long and fully and very well lit.
Peace, relaxation and radiant nature. Winter in Bosnia has its special charms. Whether it is about cities, villages or mountains, the snow covers all sides as eye can reach. Far away from the ski trails Bosnia offers a completely different side of winter. Bosnian culture, tradition or just customs stand out specially in the winter. In order to give the family vacation its rightful place in this season, we will introduce you to a few winter attractions: Bascarsija in a snow robe, Kostelica Buk while watching it from a glass restaurant, overnight stay on Mount Vlasic in one of the mountain cottages, winter cities tours, winter phenomena of frozen waterfalls, walking along snow mountain trails, family sledding on Mount Igman, going to one of the national parks, visits to the museums and cultural centers, shopping to warm up and pastry shops to eat something sweet.

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