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Bobovac Fortress

Bobovac is the most important and the strongest fortified town of the medieval Bosnia. It was built on a sheer, step-like cliff of the southern slopes of Dragovske and Mijakovske Poljice massif, southwest from Vares.
The town was built during the rule of Ban Stjepan II Kotromanic and later was used as a seat of most of the Bosnian rules.


Gradina - Doboj Fotress

The fortress and town of Doboj are located in the northern Bosnia around the mouth of the Usora and Spreca Rivers. It represented a central part of the area south from Sava River.
It was a rectangular fortress, with walls almost two meters thick and towers at every corner and gate. The fortress was made from stone blocks.


The old town - fortress Srebrenik was mentioned for the first time in February, 1333., in an agreement signed by Ban of Bosnia Stefan II and representatives of the Republic of Dubrovnik. The fortress was owned by the ban, and commanders of the town were people from the ban’s court. It changed its rulers several times. During the reign of Tvrtko I Bosnia was at its peak. After his death, Hungary conquered Srebrnik for the first time.

Kastel Fortress

The old fortress Kastel is located in the heart of Banja Luka. It is one of the oldest buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The surface of Kastel complex is 48.000 square meters. The fortress walls consist of nine bastions and two towers. There are several facilities in the fortress, including a central camp with two towers and a small arsenal, a central arsenal, a so-called stone building and several different walls.


Vranduk Fortress

The old town Vranduk with a settlement is located 10 kilometers downstream Zenica. It is situated on the left side of Bosna River.
The town was strategically built on a part of the land elongated like a peninsula, which goes down from the mountain side near Bosna River. Vranduk was the door of the Bosnian Kingdom towards the northern area controlled by Hungarians. It had a strategic importance in the Middle Ages. After Ottomans conquered this area, it was turned into a small merchant settlement between the central and north Bosnia.

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