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Beekeeping Fair

Promotion of successful beekeepers and beekeeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the popularization of bee products and beekeeping equipment can certainly be done in different ways. One way is presentation of the best beekeepers and beekeeping associations in the event known as BEE FEST, and it is a protected project - beekeeping and beekeeping equipment fair - BEE FEST - Days of Apiculture, which is traditionally organized in Sarajevo every September on Trg Oslobodjenja - Alija Izetbegovic, the central city square near the Faculty of Economics. Gatherings of beekeepers from BiH and the region at the biggest "honey fair" in BiH contribute to the fact that wider circles of people become familiar with this activity and its products and interested in beekeeping in the form of a customer or prospective passionate beekeeper.
Beekeeping is one of the very important agricultural activities today. In addition, beekeeping is now being taught in colleges, people do their doctorates in the field of beekeeping, and there is an abundance of professional literature with various beekeeping topics. However, beekeeping is not only a science but a hobby as the majority of "small" beekeepers treat it. It is a hobby which they can not abandon, because one who truly loves the bees and beekeeping remains with the bees forever. So fair aims to present the activities of both "big" and "small" beekeepers - who produce the healthiest and highest quality honey.

Days of Hunting and Fishing

With superior organization, together with our partners, hunting and fishing associations, we expect the presence of more than 80 commercial and non-commercial renowned exhibitors, both from BiH and the region.
In addition to exhibition and sales of character of the event, preparing a series of accompanying activities such as hunting contest in cooking stews and fish stew, competitions Quintana targets and fishing from the pool, quizzes, panel discussions and lectures, for the larger exhibitors.
The lowest prices of exhibition space in the region - for all the exhibitors we have prepared a package of services of best accommodation and food in Sarajevo during the fair.
Do not miss to be part of this event.

International Fair of Cheese

After five successfully organized fair events, the Association of Farmers is one of the organizers of the fair manifestation "International Fair of Cheese Vlasic 2011 and VI Assessment Exhibition of Vlasic’s Cheese" this year as well.
The aim of the organizers is to promote cheese production, and highlight the value of tradition of these regions. With this event we want to give impetus to creating a brand of indigenous and traditional cheeses and event itself has a showroom character. At the exhibition, Vlasic’s cheese is assessed for the producers who have applied for participation in assessment exhibition and whose samples of cheese are microbiologically well, and fair part is earmarked for all kinds of cheeses and other agricultural products.
Manifestation itself has a competitive and sales features. Organizers are to ensure that experts from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and Agriculture and Food Faculty in Sarajevo attend the event and perform  the assessment of Vlasic’s cheese.

Ecology Fair

This year’s EKOBIS program monitors trends in the water, and protection of environment, and the conference on the protection of forests has been planned because the UN declared this year the year of forests. Also, the regional conference of producers in the field of organic agriculture has been scheduled, as well as themes related to energy efficiency and presentation of the significant producers of renewable energy sources.
As part of the fair, the exhibition of young inventors of the Association of Inventors of Bosnia and the Association of Inventors of Bihac will be held, as well as exibition of small animals of Association for the Protection and Breeding of Small Animals in Bihac.
This year’s EKOBIS with its content and programming will be devoted to water as a source of life.
Fair organizers expect participation of more than 250 exhibitors from 11 countries, but also visitors from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and Turkey.


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