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Canyon of Rakitnica

Rakitnica River is one of the largest tributaries of the river Neretva. It created a 26 km long, inaccessible and incredibly beautiful canyon that stretches between mountains of Bjelasnica and Visocica, southeast of Sarajevo.

Canyon of river Rakitnica is one of the deepest gorges in Europe. It is a natural wonderland, a truly special place that is worth examining. The entire length of the canyon is lined with endemic types of flora and fauna. Bears, wolves, wild boar, marten, chamois, all take refuge in this inaccessible canyons. In the region of Dinaric Alps can be found 32 endemic plant species. Along entire length of the canyon crystal clear mountain water is potable.


Canyon of Tara

Canyon of Tara is located in the northwest of Montenegro and is long 149 km with a depth that reaches up to 1300 meters. According to its depth, the canyon is the second in the world after Colorado canyon, hence the sharpest and deepest river valley in Europe. Compared with the desolation of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, Tara canyon seems as a rain forest area.

Canyon of Neretva

The upper stream of Neretva with the wider environment because of its geomorphological and hydrological specifics represents an area of high natural values still preserved in its original form up until now. Gorges and canyons, rapids, cascades and waterfalls, abundant sources of clean and healthy water, with attractive tributaries, lakes, and in the wider area attractive ranges of high mountains (a significant number of peaks over 2000 m above sea level) as Treskavica, Visocica, Bjelasnica and Prenj. All this illustrates that in this relatively small area nature is extremely beautiful. Many of these natural phenomena and rarities have long been recognized by the society (state) and as such are protected by the law. These are canyons of Neretva and Rakitnica, Boracko and Blatacko Lakes, waterfall Sistice. Activities in establishing two national parks in the area just where the upper Neretva makes the backbone of the protected area are under way. On the north side of watercourse: Bjelasnica, Visocica, Treskavica with canyon of Rakitnica and from the south: Prenj, Cvrsnica and Cabulja

Canyon of Masica

Masica Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons in the northern part of the country. It was carved by water in the Triassic limestone with the help of tectonic disturbances. Water limestone massif is divided by the water in two parts, Masica and Srednja stijena. Maximum depth of the canyon is 350 m. During heavy rains when the canyon can not accept all the water, a beautiful stream Suhodol is formed. Canyon is in some places only 3 meters wide, and sometimes these places were even narrower, but have been expanded for the purpose of logging.
The canyon is full of caves that are perfect places of residence to the bears during their winter sleep. Lukina cave is located at the foot of a vertical cliff of Srednja stijena. All two hundred meters is edged with layers of calcium carbonate crystals, whose colors vary from white to dark red. Similarly as in Orlovacka cave near Sarajevo, here have been found remains of an extinct cave bear that are more than 15.000 years old. This cave is accessible even to amateurs. Srednja stijena´s Cave is located in the vicinity of Lukina cave and was discovered in May, 2004., and is full with halls decorated with beautiful cave ornament.

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