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The territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is bordered and crossed by rivers, and the entire area is known for its wealth of waters. On the territory of BiH, there are more than one hundred lakes, which is data that further complement the picture of water resources.

Geographic features of the relief of area of BiH provide tremendous opportunities for the use of watercourses for energy production, but also for industrial purposes. Therefore, a large number of lakes on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is of artificial origin or those are artificial reservoirs on whose shores is established such a life that allows the best possible exploitation of this wealth.
Along the artificial lakes, villages, picturesque complexes for holiday, sports, recreation, and entertainment were built. One such example is Modrac Lake, an artificial reservoir that was turned into a rich resort with luxury tourist conveniences and rich gastronomic offer for visitors, fans of vacation in silence and nature, an area with exclusive weekend settlement, motels, hotels and restaurants. On this artificial reservoir unique flora and fauna are formed with water extremely rich in fish. On the coast endemic egret can be found. Modracko Lake, due to its unique features is called the Bosnian sea.
Interesting tourist destination is Pliva Lake in Jajce as well, an artificial reservoir, which has all the qualities of the most desirable destination in Europe for flatwater sports for both professional athletes and amateurs.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in mountain lakes in perfect natural setting where fans of mountaineering and hiking in nature, anglers and adventurers feel great. Unique destinations is Boracko Lake, a mountain reservoir of water in the natural environment and intact nature.

Jablanicko Lake

Jablanicko Lake is one of the largest artificial river lakes in this part of Europe. It’s 31 kilometers long and attracts fishermen and swimmers. It’s suitable for water sports, especially gliding. There are inns, hotels, private rooms and campsites along the entire length of the lake. Fresh fish can be bought from local residents, who stand by the roadside selling their rich daily catch.

Plivska Lakes

Only a few kilometers from Jajce, in natural surroundings, there are Veliko (Large) and Malo (Small) Plivsko Lake. It is simply amazing how many opportunities for recreation these lakes are giving. From fishing, kayaks, canoes, jumping and swimming, to the activities on the coasts, such as volleyball, cycling, walking and at the end the grilling at the famous resort at Mlincic.
Otherwise, Jajce hosted the European and World championships in canoeing and kayaking in 1963. These waters have provided the maximum requirements for the training of kayakers, canoeists and rowers. Expected soon is set up of Albano system, competitive trails.

Boracko Lake

The real adventure is waiting for you behind the top of the mountain near Boracko Lake. Boracko Lake is situated between the mountains of Prenj, Visocica and Bjelasnica. It is a favorite picnic and rest area of domestic and foreign tourists. It’s 20 km away from Konjic, and well sign-posted.
Boracko Lake is a natural mountain lake, pleasant for swimming, relaxation and recreation. A paradise for hunters and anglers.
Beside the lake, you can camp and barbecue. The best place is next to the restaurant, near the stream and with plenty of magnificient shade.

Modrac Lake

Modrac Lake is artificial lake, which is mainly located in the municipality of Lukavac although it touches the edge areas of Tuzla and Zivinice. Modrac Lake is 12 kilometers long, and wide, on average, 700 meters with a maximum depth of 14 meters. The lake was artificially created by a dam built on the River Spreca.
This lake has attracted large numbers of tourists in the postwar period, primarily due to nice beach at the local community of Prokosovici. The beach is made in a length of about 1500 meters along the coast and with supporting facilities is the most arranged beach in the BiH. Supporting facilities that are located on this beach are various restaurants, hotels, motels and cafes as well as some sports facilities (for handball, basketball and beach volleyball). Fishing competitions are regularly held on the lake as well as many other cultural and sport events. Beside this artificially arranged beach, there are wonderful places for rest and recreation along the entire coast of lake Modrac.


Blidinjsko Lake

Blidinjsko Lake is the largest mountain lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated at 1185 meters above sea level. The lake is about 2,5 km in length, 2,1 km in width, while the maximum depth of the lake, only in some places, is about 3 meters. Besides, the lake is very shallow, average depth is about half a meter. Access to the lake is through Jablanica, or through Posusje.

Kotlanicko Lake

Kotlanicko Lake on Zelengora, located at 1528 meters above sea level in beautiful surroundings, is one of the most beautiful natural lakes. Still untouched by human hands because of its inaccessibility, it is very rich in fish, Arctic char, and triton, an endemic amphibian could also be found in it. Length of the lake is about 480 m, width about 200 m, the maximum depth about 10 m. Lake is supervised by National Park "Sutjeska." The best access to the lake is over Foca, right turn at Cemerno (about 1 km after the fountain in Cemerno located on the left side of the road), from where the gravel road leads in length of about 20 kilometers (to the destroyed yellow “stojadin” or several hundred meters prior to the last saddle). From the aforementioned "stojadin" one goes by foot, the trail is visible, and there are excellent markings on the rocks along the entire way. The lake can be reached for two hours, in a normal pace. Let’s just mention, the aforementioned gravel road continues over the saddle to Orlovacko and Jugovo Lakes.

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