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Bjelasnica Mountain (2.067 m) is a sharp massif with spacious slopes, which is under snow cover for more than six months in a year. This mountain hosted several of the most attractive alpine ski competitions during the 14th Winter Olympic Games in 1984.

Snowy slopes of Bjelasnica Mountain are the right place for children and a place for vacation and recreation. Visitors have ski rentals and ski services on their disposal during the winter. The tourist offer on Bjelasnica Mountain is supported with various winter contests and shows, as well as arranged excursions to Bjelasnica’s villages.


Igman Mountain (1.502 m) is located several minutes away from Bjelasnica Mountain. This mountain is a real climate spa suitable even for the training of the world teams. The terrain, climate and nature offer this region a great potential for the tourism development.
During the Winter Olympic Games, Igman Mountain hosted Nordic events and Ski Jumping competitions.
Bjelasnica and Igman Mountains are among the leading tourist attractions of Sarajevo.


Jahorina Mountain is a popular area for skiing in this part of Europe due to its ideal geographic position, favorable climate conditions, attractive ski trails, abounding snow and mild slopes, such as Rajska Dolina.
The mountain is located 25 kilometers away from Sarajevo. It also hosted the 14th Winter Olympic Games in 1984.
Visitors have at their disposal well managed ski trails, ski lifts, modern ski-schools, ski-repairs as well as ski-rentals. The tourist offer includes night skiing, attractive winter sports events and ski board competition.

Maglic´s massif is situated about twenty kilometers from Foca near the border with Montenegro. Maglic Mountain is the highest but not the largest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose one part is located on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while its second part is placed on the territory of Montenegro.
Maglic Mountain (2.386 m) is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a real challenge for any alpinist. It is encircled by Sutjeska River in the north and west, Volujak Mountain in the southwest, rivers Drina and Piva in the east and Mratinjska Uvala Valley in the south. Its slopes are overgrown with coniferous and beech trees. The upper forest line is at around 1.600 meters, above which is a plateau with wonderful pastures. Many summits and ridges rise from that plateau. The foothill and hillsides are rich in water.
Maglic Mountain is also included in the National Park Sutjeska. The Montenegrin part of Maglic Mountain is decorated with Trnovacko Lake with amazing green-blue color. The biggest rainforest in Europe – Perucica – is nearby, with its 80 meters high waterfall Skakavac. Eagles, bears, wolves, snakes, and wild goats are not rare sightings in these parts. The view from the summit is absolutely wonderful – at neighboring Volujak, Bios and Trnovacko Lake, mountains Jahorina and Bjelasnica, Durmitor in Montenegro, magnificent canyons of Piva and Tara.

Prenj is the most attractive and impressive mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also a rugged one. It is situated in the heart of Dinaric Alps, in the northern part of Herzegovina.
It is encircled by Neretva River in the north-west and by the mountain massifs of Velez, Crvanj and Visocica in the south, as well as by many natural and artificial lakes and rivers.
The towns of Konjic, Jablanica and Mostar are situated at the foothill of Prenj Mountain. The highest peak of the mountain is Zelena Glava (2.155 m).
The relief of Prenj is very exciting, with beautiful valleys, sharp peaks and impressive ridges. The mountain provides good conditions for climbing. Peaks of Prenj are interesting and attractive for alpinists who like to watch landscapes colored by snow and green forest.


Trebevic Mountain is located southeast from Sarajevo and it is one of the favorite excursion sites of Sarajevo citizens. The mountain is 1.627 meters high and it borders on Jahorina Mountain.
Trebevic Mountain hosted a number of events during the 14th Winter Olympic Games in 1984. Due to an excellent terrain configuration, a bobsleigh track was constructed.
Before the war, Trebevic was an oasis of greenery and it would take twelve minutes with cable railway to travel to Trebevic. During the war, the cable railway was destroyed and now its reconstruction is still in the project phase.
Trebevic is the natural residence of various kinds of trees, shrubs, green plants and endemic species. The mountain botanical garden “Alpinetum” was formed in 1948 beneath the Trebevic peak.

Treskavica is one of the most attractive mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, overgrown by thick deciduous and coniferous forests intersected by many pastures.
Five wonderful glacial lakes on Treskavica Mountain above 1.500 meters with flora, fauna and fish are a special ornament of the mountain and represent recognizable traces of the Ice Age on this mountain. These lakes – Veliko, Bijelo, Crno, Platno and Malo - are valuable ecosystems.
Treskavica is situated south from Sarajevo and it is its highest mountain (the peak Djokin Toranj is 2.086 m meters high). It is only 300 meters lower than Maglic Mountain, the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During clear weather, even Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea can be seen.

  Vlasic Mountain is one of the biggest plateaus in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with five rivers and numerous springs, rich with flora and fauna. Its highest peak is Paljenik (1.943 m). The area of Devecani and Galica are attractive for alpinists. The mountain is covered by snow for five months and since storms are rare, visitors consider it exceptionally mild and pleasant.
Sport-recreational center “Babanovac” (at 1.260 m above sea level), the most important tourist site in this region, is also located on Vlasic Mountain. The mountain is one of the most eminent winter centers in the region.
Visitors have exclusive opportunity to taste famous Vlasic cheese, which is one of the best white cheeses in brine. It can be bought from shepherds. It is assumed that a technique of making cheese in brine was brought by nomads from the east who called themselves Vlasi and that Vlasic was named after them.

The gentle Vranica Mountain with many pastures and waters stretches between Fojnica in the east and Gornji Vakuf in the west. Its highest peak is Nadkrstak (2.110 m).
This mountain is a famous “ore mountain”. There are also many endemic plants that are a challenge for scientists.
A real jewel of nature – Prokosko Lake, a glacial lake of stunning beauty – is situated on Vranica Mountain. The lake is surrounded by summer huts used by mountain shepherds but turned into pleasant mountain weekend houses. Prokosko Lake is inhabited by an endemic amphibian - triton, one of the attractions of this region.
There are many springs in Vranica, including springs of Vrbas River, one of the five largest rives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kozicka River and Sikirski Brook. Streams make many waterfalls such as Crndo and Kozicki waterfalls. There are many caves and pits on the slopes of Vranica Mountain.


Cvrsnica Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina – its highest peak is Plocno Peak (2.228m). The mountain is located in the northern part of Herzegovina, in the area of Posusje municipality.
Because of an unusual beauty of its natural environment, this mountain is regularly visited by alpinists from the country and the whole region.
Cvrsnica Mountain is high and rugged mountain with its head in the clouds and the leg in the green oasis of Blidinje Lake. It is encircled by Neretva River in the east, its tributaries Doljanka and Drezanka in the north, Dugo Polje (Long Field) and Vran Mountain in the west. The mountain consists of several plateaus and it also includes Blidinje, Crepulja i Crvenjak lakes. The Natural Park of Blidinje is located in the central part of mountains Cvrsnica and Vran. It was named after the Blidinje Lake.
The mountain is an ideal place for alpinists and it has many belvederes offering magnificent views.



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