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Vrelo (Spring) Bosne

Vrelo Bosne is located in the southwest of Sarajevsko Polje, at the foot of Mount Igman. For this natural monument is fair to say that it represents the most beautiful part of Sarajevo, the pride of the citizens of Sarajevo who always tried to spend their free moments in beautiful surroundings with the murmur of river Bosna.



The presence of water, lush vegetation, cool breeze from Igman are the experience that provides each visitor ambiance that can not be forgotten.

In this area one can feel the breath of intact nature. Yet what is most beautiful is the very source of the river, which rises from several strong karst springs at an altitude of 492 m in the area of mount Igman. Since it is high-quality water, the pumping station of city waterworks was built next to the source.
Around the source, flora and fauna are rich and specific and contribute to the beauty of the landscape and give ambiance a special value.


Spring of Dabar

Near Sanski Most is the spring of Dabar River, which appears from an enormous cave. Based on the Nature Conservation Law the spring of Dabar River is placed under protection as a natural monument. Dabar River is drinkable and very rich in fish along its entire flow.


Spring of Krusnica

With 112 meters of depth, source of river Krusnica is the deepest source surveyed in BiH and certainly one of the deepest in the EU. Krusnica is the river in the western part of BiH, a tributary of Una.
Spring of river Krusnica is located 6 km from Bosanska Krupa, under the vertical slope in Gudavac and Vranjska. Due to the karstic relief, this river is supplied by water from the area of Bosanski Petrovac.
Sight of the water power of the spring is impressive, while the very river is calm and clean. The whole river is drinkable. It’s interesting that River Una with its two branches flows first into Krusnica and then two rivers fuse in wild rapids. Rivers form a complex of adas (river islands) that are practically in the center of the town of Bosanski Krupa.

Spring of Sanica

Name Sanica is considered to be derived from the word “sanus” meaning health. Proven healing features of Sanica River certainly attest to this, whose crystal clear water confirmed the above on countless occasions.
Located in the northwest of our country, where moderate continental climate prevails, it abounds in natural beauty which can be attested by stunning mountain landscapes of Mountain Grmec with numerous fresh water springs and small watercourses.
It is impossible to talk about Sanica, and not to mention the source of the river, its watercourse which is rich in fish of which is essential to highlight a very rare endemic species of grayling, but you will surely find out more about that from fishermen whom this beauty attracts every year more and more.
Permanent reservation is river Korcanica as well with its entire course from source to its mouth into Sanica. Mysterious Korcansko Lake must also be mentioned which is five hundred meters away from the source of river Korcanica, which is partially underground stream, impeccably clean and worth every second spent in its vicinity.
To the fact that water is an important natural resource of this place certainly attest stream Trebunj with its source, and Jabukovacko and Sanicko Lakes should not be neglected either.

Spring of Buna

This spring is located 12 km southeast of Mostar. It rises below the cliff hundreds of meters high and 200 meters long forming by its quantity Buna River. 43 cubic meters of drinking water rises per second. Tekka at the Spring of Buna is built in the 16th century for the dervish order, and today is very visited place in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Tekka is open to visitors throughout the year, and in a beautiful garden that looks at the Spring of Buna you can have a refreshing drink, Turkish coffee or tea. This area is also known for the diversity of its flora and a large number of endemic species. There are many evergreen and deciduous plants at lower altitudes, while the hills are covered with sparse forests. Fertile arable land is suitable for the typical Mediterranean agriculture.

Spring of Neretva

The source of Neretva is in area of Cemerno, which represents the characteristic watershed between the Adriatic and Black Sea basin. In the wider area are the sources of Sutjeska, tributaries of Drina, and Vrba whose underground water channels (Lake Klinje, Musnica, Fatnicka River) flow into the mouth of Trebisnjica River. The source of Neretva River is at altitude of 1227 m, from the western side of Gredelj - Mountain Jabuka, and a number of smaller sources and streams make the initial flow of Neretva.



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