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Hotel Blanca

Hotel Blanca Resort&Spa is located in the very heart of Vlasic on an attractive location of Babanovac Sports Center at the foot of the former Olympic ski jump. The hotel is open all year round and during the five winter months is a true oasis for skiers.

A room in Hotel Blanca

Hotel Saraj

Hotel Saraj is located in the old, the most attractive part of the city of Sarajevo and is only 250 meters away from Bascarsija!

Everything you need, you have in only one place and in the very heart of the city!

Hotel Bristol


Hotel Bristol is the first hotel in Sarajevo, which is managed by an international brand since 1984. The renewed legend of Sarajevo continue to live with contemporary design, stylish restaurants and modern equipped rooms for meetings and conferences.


Hotel Europe

Modern facilities, excellent AV equipment and great location in the city makes the hotel Europe a perfect place for various meetings, conferences and celebrations.


Hotel Hollywood


Hotel Hollywood is located in the center of Ilidza, green oasis of Sarajevo, near the main road, in the vicinity of the International Airport "Sarajevo" and Vrelo Bosne, a unique jewel of true nature.

Hotel Rimski Most (The Roman Bridge)

In the most beautiful natural surroundings, with the soft sound of water and beside the river bank, this hotel presents an attractive and romantic place for all those who want to enjoy the beauty of intact nature and experience the true gourmet pleasure.


Hotel Kostelski Buk

Magical and unique because of its location next to River Una, and with a beautiful modern surroundings of the Austro-Hungarian style.

Those who feel a warm atmosphere of Kostelski Buk, always come back.

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