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The Krajina Region


The translation of Krajina is frontier. 'Kraj' literally means: end. It was this 'end' of the Ottoman front that was for centuries the frontier land against the Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

The Croatian Krajina, just over the border to the west, was at one time crucial to the Ottoman conquest and was used by the Ottomans as a defence line. As the empire began to decline the frontier slipped back into Bosnia and the entire northwest part of the country became known as the Bosanska Krajina, the Bosnian Frontier.

What is most striking about the Krajina is the beautiful interconnected rivers and the lush, green countryside. The sheer quantity of crystal-clear rivers in this region is phenomenal. The Vrbas, Una, Sana, Sanica and Unac rivers are only a few of the pure water sources that flow into the Sava River. The Bosnian Krajina's greatest tourist attractions all revolve around its natural resources.

Just about anywhere in the Krajina one can find beautiful places to hike, walk, bike, fish, hunt or just enjoy a lazy day in the great outdoors

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