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The Northeast Region


The northeast corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the industrial backbone of the country. It is also a region with dozens of places to see and visit and, like any other part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you don't have to go very far to find an isolated mountain, a cool stream or a thick green forest. 

The areas along the Sava River to the extreme northeast are the most fertile regions in the country. With over 50% of its territory used for agricultural purposes, agriculture in the entire northeast pocket is the number one industry and employer. Around the central city of Tuzla is the heart of the country's industry. This city, named after its salt mines during Ottoman times, combines enormous coal-fired power plants and the resulting air pollution with some lovely areas that have existed since far back into the Middle Ages. 


The mountains and lakes, particularly in the far east, are endless green carpets of magnificent natural terrain. Konjuh, Majevica and Ozren crisscross the middle section of the northeast and create large natural boundaries between the mountain climates and the long flatlands of Semberija in the extreme north of the region. 


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