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Bosnia and Herzegovina with its masive mountains is a paradise for fans of mountains and mountaineering. That is why mountaineering, in its original form, is an integral part of life of local population.Mountaineering as a sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina began to develop very early - when the residents of rural areas wanted to rest and relax in nature. Conquering the mountain peaks as a challenge for the brave, has always attracted many climbers.

Today, there is a large number of mountain communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina with decades-long tradition of continuous operations and active labor, which, thanks to the fans of mountaineering made an immeasurable contribution to the preservation of natural beauty with the active promotion of healthy living. Mountaineering associations are the bearers of many activities in increasing the number of its members, and thus building of infrastructure adapted to all ages and tastes, so everybody can enjoy the beauty of the local mountains in their own way. At the foot of the mountain ranges numerous mountain lodges were built, which are used today to gather nature fans in one place, but also for the organizing of various social and cultural events for preserving the beauty of our mountains.


The accelerated pace of life of the modern age, creates more space for people who want in a simple and inexpensive way to collect enough energy that they need to resist the challenges of everyday life. So the mountains are more and more often places of massive gathering of people in all parts of BiH, people who enjoy walking, cycling in the countryside, hikes, but more and more widespread are the activities for those with more adrenaline, which enjoy paragliding, extreme rock climbing, discovering the beauty of intact nature...


One of the main objectives of all active members of the mountaineering associations is the preservation of the original beauty of the mountains. There is growing number of less active nature fans to join them with the sole aim - to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina are attractive because of its beauty, but also because of the proximity of urban centers, adapted and high-quality road infrastructure, which allows anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors without much cost or effort. Mountains in BiH are "available" all year round and fans of nature during all seasons can find something for themselves. In the spring mountains are interesting to walkers, hikers, fans of extreme biking, in the summer fans of swimming in crystal clear water of a large number of mountain lakes, streams and rivers come in the mountains, in the fall the mountains are admired by fans of the beautiful colors of nature, and in winter skiers are "at home" in the mountains.


Not mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina are attractive only to the local residents. Nature fans from all over the world can find something for themselves. And more and more are those who afford such a pleasure during the year.



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