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Canyons of rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina - emerald Neretva River, marvelous Drina River, clear Una River and attractive Tara River - will offer you pleasure and unforgettable adventure on water.   
The strength of clear, sparkling waters, wild beauty of surrounding cliffs and banks is a pleasure that one must experience.

Streams of rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are dangerous as wild rapids and calm as plain waters. Because of that, they are suitable both for amateurs and those who search for extreme adventures.

Tara, Vrbas, Una and Neretva Rivers enable unique rafting experience. This sport is very popular in Bosnia, and represents descent down rapid mountain rivers in special rubber boats, designed for fast mountain water, with modern equipment. Participants of rafting need life-jackets, suits and boots. Trained skippers manage the boats. Bosnia and Herzegovina has many beautiful canyons, rapids and waterfalls, and rafting in it is a memorable event for many.

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