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Spring in Sarajevo

Spring is an exciting time in Sarajevo. More sunny days and nice weather bring lots of activities out in the open. This is the time when cafes set out tables and chairs on Ferhadija Street which, along with Titova Street, represents the center of daily activities and night life in Sarajevo. in the first week of spring Sarajevo celebrates its own day. On april 6th, 1945, Sarajevo was liberated during the Second World War and since then it has been celebrated at the Day of Sarajevo.


April is also traditional Book Month in Sarajevo, as every year Skenderija hosts the large internationl book fair. The book fair is always a wonderful opportunity for book fans to stock up their home libraries and to buy books as presents for their friends and family.

Spring is also the time when Skenderija hosts many fairs and when interesting cultural, sports and recreational events take place on a daily basis making a special atmosphere to the life of the city. You can also visit some of our museums or galleries witch organize a number of interesting exhibitions and performances during the whole year. In the spring Sarajevo especially enjoys strolling along Wilsons Promenade which stretches along the banks of Miljacka River, and this is also a time when many outing spots around Sarajevo are visited.

Spring is the ideal time for shopping. Sarajevo shopping malls offer a rich selction of all kinds of goods, and most interesting ones are the works of Sarajevo’s artisans, whose shops are located mostly in Bascarsija - Sarajevo’s beautifull historical center. All in all, spring is the perfect time to visit Sarajevo.


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