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The natural beauty and varied offer of tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina is enriched by many picnic grounds, and arranged areas for rest and recreation. There is hardly a town whose residents did not marked the areas of exquisite beauty in the past decades and even centuries, comfortably spending their leisure moments in the natural environment.
Hiking places are meeting and gathering places of young people, the natural environment to socialize and relax those a bit older, beautiful countryside on the hills above the towns, beside the rivers, on the slopes of the mountains, up the clear streams. Many have been adapted by the requirements of modern man and adjusted to the needs of today, with high-quality accesses, areas for camping and barbecue, parking lots, the infrastructure for longer stay, bike trails and numerous other facilities adapted for all ages.

Sarajevo has its beautiful mountains Bjelasnica, Jahorina, Igman, Trebevic and Treskavica, where its inhabitants since ancient times knew how to spend holidays comfortably, Bihac has its Una and its beautiful coastline, people from Mostar relax and enjoy along Neretva River, people from Tuzla love their Ilincica, people from Zenica like to go on Smetovi and to the coast of Bosna, people from Banja Luka rest on the slopes of Kozara and beside river Vrbas... All these places are attractive throughout the year, especially during the holidays of May Day when for the first time in year large number of people feel the beauty of spring and the upcoming summer.

The attractions for big groups of athletes, nature fans, students trips, visiting groups and individual tourists visits are arranged at many hiking places. One of the most visited tourist destinations is Bijambare area at the entrance to the cave having the same name not far from Sarajevo towards Olovo.

Vizier Town of Travnik

As with many Bosnian towns, tourism of Travnik is largely based on history and geography. The nearby mountain Vlasic is one of the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is an excellent place for skiing, hiking and sledging or in this period, an ideal destination for walking, enjoying the fresh air and sports activities such as volleyball, badminton and the like. Travnik is a very interesting town. Many of the buildings, which date from the Ottoman period, are well preserved, such as the numerous mosques, oriental houses, clock tower, and fountains. The old part of town dates from the early 15th century.

Plava voda, Babanovac, Ugar, Stari Grad, Devecani are among the many destinations in Travnik and its surroundings, which you should visit if you choose to get to know Travnik. Fans of gastonomic pleasures must taste the famous Vlasic’s or Travnik’s cheese, cevapi in one of many cevabdzinice on Zitarnica, trout in Plava Voda, and Lutvo’s coffe.
Few towns in BiH can offer such a large number of cultural and historical monuments from the Middle Ages, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian period, on such a small area. The guide recommends to visit Zavicajni Muzej (Native Museum) and Memorijalni Muzej (Memorial Museum), "The Birth House of Ivo Andric."
Town of Travnik and its environment are homeland of three endemic species: Travnik’s kratkokljuni pigeon, Vlasic’s shepherd dog Tornjak and Rose Brandis, a rose without thorns that grows on the slopes of Vlasic, which can be an additional reason for visiting this area.


Ilidza and Vrelo Bosne

We recommend you spend your weekend moments on the beautiful Ilidza and its surroundings.
Ilidza is only 12 km southwest of Sarajevo. Ilidza name comes from an old Turkish word ''iladz''- which originally means a place that is healthy, that offers, gives and provides health, a place to heal, and where everyone can find a cure.
Back 50 years this area was a resort of the citizens of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

Many visitors here enjoy the thermal waters, recreational center and a beautiful park surrounding the source of the river Bosna known as Vrelo Bosne. Park Vrelo Bosne is an ideal vacation spot for all nature and holiday fans. It offers rich content that will enable your children to have fun on the playgrounds and experience the moments that will be remembered. A large number of cold springs have made a small lakes, and the park is full of green meadows, which relax both the eyes and the soul. Within the park Vrelo Bosne there are national restaurants where you can satisfy your finest culinary appetites. The source can be reached by car, by foot, bicycle or carriage rides. If you have just decided to spend a romantic weekend, we recommend that you hire a carriage from the Austro-Hungarian period and for 10 KM enjoy the parts of the alley, which is 3 km long. Alley is otherwise closed to vehicle traffic and is ideal for jogging, cycling or walking.
The Roman Bridge is located not far from Vrelo Bosne. The bridge comes from the Ottoman period, and was named after the Roman excavations, which are located in this area. If you are looking for hotel accommodation to stay you are advised not to go further than Ilidza because the accommodation in hotels in Ilidza is cheaper than downtown. Many hotels in Ilidza have rates below 20%.


Drina Valley

Fresh mornings, hot days are perfect for traveling, hiking, hunting and fishing. Excellent landscapes for photographing, numerous cultural and historical sites around Srebrenica, Vlasenica, Bratunac and Zvornik, old towns and unique gastronomic offer, are appealing to all fans of this region, ready to enjoy the local style. Catfish bites well, you can swim in the lakes or in Drina’s rapids, and boating in this area can not be compared to any other event.

Travelling through this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina should certainly be crowned with going to Kula Grad above Zvornik, from where you can have one of the most beautiful views. Here, you will definitely make your the most successful photographs of Zvornik’s lake, Divic, Mali Zvornik, Karakaj and the villages in the vicinity of Banja Koviljaca and Loznica. It is at this point, where you should make the plan for the rest of your journey, and we recommend that you go by the traces of made photos. Pass over the bridge in Karakaj to the other side of Drina and continue the pleasant weekend in Mali Zvornik. Great views of the Bosnian Podrinje, swimming area in Ponton, where generations of people from Zvornik learned how to  swim and hunting of Drina’s fish, will be an unforgettable experience.

Neum i Jadransko More (Adriatic Sea)

Neum is an ideal tourist place where you can devote only to yourself and your vacation. Whether you decide to spend the weekend with the family, society, or a loved one, certainly you will not go wrong.
Allow yourself to be embraced by this town with crystal clear water, a large number of sunny days and the beach in the lee. Tourist offer of Neum does not include only the basic one which means sea and sun, but gives you the possibility to engage in various activities such as visits to households in the hinterland of Neum, excursions to nearby destinations, bird watching or photo safari through the delta of Neretva. You are advised to enrich your stay in Neum by one of these activities because these destinations will leave a trace in your memory and you will be glad that you visited such a pearl like Neum.

Thanks to Neum’s favorable climatic conditions, visit to this town will offer you a climatic therapy consisting of clean sea air, stroll along the coast, water sports, etc. Take a weekend and dedicate time for yourself, your health by walking the beach, swimming in crystal clear water and eating healthy domestic products.
When arrive in Neum you'll notice the kindness of the hosts who will be available to help you enjoy and have a vacation that you deserve. Neum disposes of 4,000 beds in high class hotels and resorts and private houses, where the conditions for a pleasant stay are provided.

Tuzla - Open Door City

The city is situated on the mild slopes of the mountain Majevica. It stretches to the west on both sides of river Jala, surrounded by the nearby hills Ilincica and Trnovac, offering beautiful views, especially for fans of photography, painters and those who want to escape from urban bustle in the world of silence, beautiful ambiance and relaxation.
There are visible remains of Panonsko More (Pannonian Sea) in Tuzla, and numerous exhibits that are kept in Muzej Sjevernoistocne Bosne (Museum of Norteast Bosnia) testifies it. It is the salt deposits that determined the development of this city. Archaeologists, on the basis of findings that have come after decades of research, claim that in the very heart of the city, exploitation of salt has been carried out seven thousand years ago. At Soni Trg, there are remains of containers originally used for evaporation of salty water, and salt was sold in the whole region.

During the summer period, when it comes to the city of Tuzla, you can enjoy the marine environment on the banks of the Pannonian lakes and salty waterfalls which are visited by five to ten thousand tourists per day from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as countries from the region. Pannonian lakes beside traditional offer of swimming and sunbathing provide a host of other activities that can brighten your day. There are fun activities for children, exercise equipment, cafes with a great offer for young people and restaurants for a more peaceful atmosphere. Also within the complex there is the Archaeological Park with pile dwellings. The beach and walk around the Pannonian lake, give Tuzla the primacy in the tourist offer in the region. 

Konjic and Boracko Lake

Konjic is situated on Neretva river, 60 km from Sarajevo, right along Jablanicko Lake. It is surrounded by the highest mountains in our country: Prenj, Bjelasnica and Bitovnja. It is one of the oldest towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
By walking through the bazaar of Konjic you will brighten your weekend. Let yourself be seduced by old town which is full of pleasant eye details. What you should not miss coming in Konjic is a walk along the restored Kamena Cuprija (Stone Bridge) which was built in 1682., but was destroyed in 1945. during the withdrawal of the German army. It’s restored in 2009.
Recently, a closely guarded secret, "Tito's underground city" has been discovered to the public. It is a bunker located at depth of 280 meters under ground, in the bowels of the mountain Prenj near Konjic. Its construction cost four billion and 600 million dollars. The bunker represents the largest atomic shelter in the former Yugoslavia. Tito's underground city, which consists of 12 connected units contains everything one needs, starting from the pool with fresh water, over dormitories and operating rooms to the kitchens and conference rooms. The building extends to 25,000 square meters, of which 6000 is intended to be living place.

The center of tourist offer of Konjic is certainly Boracko Lake and Glavaticevo Valley. Boracko Lake is a natural mountain lake pleasant for swimming, relaxation and recreation. A heaven for hunters and anglers. You can spend your day resting from everyday stress with a barbecue, good company and a song on your lips on the shores of this lake.

Around this partly glacial lake, bungalows, hotels and camp are located. Most outdoor activities goes from here: mountaineering, camping, rafting, village tourism, kayaking or canoeing, mountain biking and even paragliding. Boracko Lake is a popular picnic and rest area of domestic and foreign tourists, 20 km of asphalt road away from Konjic.
The lake is rich in fish as well as river Sistica, thus providing real event for anglers. Opening of fishing season on Boracko Lake is on March, 01, and closing on October, 01 during the year.
Konjic and Boracko Lake are a heaven for comfortable socialization with family, friends or beautiful romantic moments.


Kulen Vakuf

Kulen Vakuf is a place located on the left and right banks of the unique and fascinating river Una. Una alone is enough reason to visit this municipality, and wherever you stop on its shores, you can not go wrong. Una is a certain factor that will affect that this part of BiH come into your heart forever. Above Kulen Vakuf rise two medieval towns. Ostrovica, which is located on the western side and Havala in the east.

Fans of mountaineering and walking, we recommend to visit the natural beauties above Kulen Vakuf, and discover what this environment hides.
Ostrovica is a town that was founded 400 years ago. The old fort Ostrovica was founded by Hungarians. They are builders of a round bastion at Ostrovica, while the rest was built, as old people say, by Sultan Ahmed who built the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. You should not end visit to this municipality without feeling the magic of this ancient city, and seeing if it can, perhaps change your life.
Walking and enjoying all the beauties that surround you in just ten minutes from Kulen Vakuf, Havala village awaits you. There are walls of a small Turkish fort 300 years old. The walls are one meter thick and five meters high. Above the entrance to the fort was a mosque whose mihrab (altar) above the entrance is visible even now. On the left wall from the entrance were located two bastions. These walls keep inside stories that leave no one indifferent, and we sincerely hope you will visit them and listen. We recommend that you visit Martin Brod, a village that is located 8 kilometers from Kulen Vakuf. It lies on rivers Una and Unac. At this point two rivers are trying to provide you with the perfect vacation and enjoyment. Two very special rivers.
You can reach "Saraj" Motel from Bihac by the road of 5th Corps, which leads to the interior of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Zenica...). In Dubovsko asphalt road splits and leads through the quiet villages Cukovi, Orasac, and then you come in Kulen Vakuf where kind staff of this motel impatiently wait for you.


Bugojno is located in the upper stream of River Vrbas, which adorns and embellishes this town. Story about Bugojno begins even before the arrival of Ottomans in these areas so Bugojno has characteristics different from the characteristics of town arose in that period.
Capacities of this city and this region are so great and represent the wealth of tourist offer, which could best be described as "all in one." In the vicinity of this city you can realize your passion for hunting, fishing, mountaineering. If you are a fan of hunting we advise you to visit hunting areas rich in indigenous game (black bear, wolf, fox, mink, and many others). Region of Koprivica which is located to the west towards Kupres with its forests used to be Tito's favorite hunting area, and today these forists have become a habitat for bears, wolves, deer, etc. There are very active hunting associations and mountain lodges in this area. If you want to hike, we recommend that you visit the mountain Kalin, which is, during the weekend full of visitors and nature fans.

Vrbas River with its tributaries is a heaven for anglers and socialization as it offers a wealth of trout, huchen, grayling, nases, European chub, barbel.
Values of Bugojno certainly can be reflected in a lot of greenery, forest resources, native wildlife, beautiful rivers, tributaries and lakes, natural beauty, but also cultural and historical monuments. When we speak of cultural and historical monuments we must not omit place Gradina, near village Sultanovici in the vicinity of Bugojno where you can find the remains of ceramics, glass and metallurgy from the Roman period. Visit to Bugojno must not finish until you go to Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Rustempasica Kula (Tower) and Sulejmanpasica Kula, which continued their existence in this town since the period of Turkish-Ottoman rule.

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