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Rich Winter Offer

Beside mountain winter ski centers with regulated infrastructure for an active holiday, winter tourist offer in Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of other quality destinations. It is desirable in the winter to visit the spas in Fojnica, Ilidza near Sarajevo, Gradacac, Vrucica Spa near Teslic. With high quality and constant snowfall from December to March, the mountains in BiH offer a climate ideal for winter sports. With a large range of new facilities and modern accommodation, Sarajevo once again takes the place of the best ski center in southeastern Europe. Sarajevo is not the only ski centar in BiH. Vlasic Mountain near the old town of Travnik is the best organized ski resort in central Bosnia.


Kostelski Buk

In the unique atmosphere of Una’s waterfalls and intact natural surroundings near the city of Bihac Kostelski Buk is located. Stylish and attractive, but with the charm and spirit of the bygone days this representative object with four stars will not leave you indifferent.
Rich offer is completed with extraordinary gastro specialties of traditional Bosnian, Mediterranean and international kichen. Of course, unavoidable good spirit of our hotel and cordial personnel at your service is what makes us particularly proud of.
Whether your visit is of business or tourist character, we are sure that your expectations will be fulfilled either way.



Climbing has always attracted mountaineers as a natural upgrade for hiking. Extreme Sports Club Scorpio will help you walk into this world...
Dreznica Climbing Center is an ideal place because of extraordinary quality of the rocks and a large number of directions, which perfectly adapted allow climbers to fully and safely enjoy climbing.
Climbing courses consist of a theoretical introduction of equipment and various techniques of climbing, descending and securing, as well as practical training on the rocks of Dreznica.

Bosnian Krajina

Krajina means frontier. Kraj literally means end. It was this end of the Ottoman front that was for centuries the frontier land against the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The Croatian Krajina, just over the border to the west, was at one time crucial to the Ottoman conquest and was used by the Ottomans as a defense line. As the empire began to decline the frontier slipped back into Bosnia and the entire northwest part of the country became known as Bosanska Krajina, or Bosnian Frontier.
What is most striking about Krajina is the beautiful interconnected rivers and the lush, green countryside. The sheer quantity of crystal-clear rivers in this region is phenomenal. Vrbas, Una, Sana, Sanica and Unac rivers are only a few of the pure water sources that flow into Sava River. Bosnian Krajina's greatest tourist attractions all revolve around its natural resources. Just about anywhere in Krajina one can find beautiful places to hike, walk, bike, fish, hunt or just enjoy a day in the great outdoors.


History and Tradition
Bascarsija is an old Sarajevo’s market-place, historical and cultural center of Sarajevo city. Bascarsija was built in 15th century, when Isa-beg (bey) Ishakovic had founded entire city. Word Bascarsija is derived from Turkish word „bas“ which  means „main“, thus the whole word „Bascarsija“ means „main market-place“. Bascarsija is twice smaller than it used to be, because of the fire in 19th century.

Family Vacation

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a nice destination for families and provides parents and children with plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable holiday. Discover an entirely different Bosnia and Herzegovina, for example, on a bicycle in the Bosnian mountains or by boat on the most beautiful lakes, or explore the fortresses and the palaces of the old Bosnian towns.
We highly recommend to you a family vacation in BiH with some of our proposals and offers.

City Tours

Banja Luka

This beautiful town is surrounded by rolling green hills. It is split in two by Vrbas, a very strong river that, just at short distance from Banja Luka, suddenly loses its waterfalls and cascades, and flows gently into town.
Banja Luka is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the largest city in the northwest. The town got connected to the world when the Roman trade route from Salona to Servitium passed through it. To protect this route (and to enjoy the healing water springs they had discovered in the area) the Romans built a fortress here, which walls encompassed an entire miniature town. When the Roman Empire collapsed, the Slavs took over. Once the Ottomans finally controlled the town, they gave it a distinct oriental flavor.

Summer Vacation

Although one can not expect too much from such a small country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is emerging as one of the newest and most exciting tourist destinations in South East Europe. With a wide range of attractions and diverse menu of activities, Bosnia and Herzegovina will certainly surprise you and satisfy every type of traveler.
Summer, as the major season, provides the most opportunities of which we stress



Cevapi are traditionally served in cevabdzinice, specific Bosnian inns, where you can often find other, similar dishes from the grill on the menu. Dairy products such as yogurt, sour milk, kefir or sour cream in lepina are served with cevapi. Cevapi in Bosnia and Herzegovina are served in portions of five, ten, fifteen or more pieces, and there are regional differences in preparing and form of cevapi (separately or in bundles of four or five). Sarajevo’s, Banja Luka’s, and Travnik’s cevapi are the most famous.

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