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Hunting and Fishing

Mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina are full of various game - roe dear, hares, grouse, martens, bears, wolves, foxes, boars and so on.

Favorite hunting areas often visited by tourists are mountains around Bugojno, hunting areas near Jajce, Kladanj, Mrkonjic Grad, Sipovo, Glamoc and others.







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Adventure Tourism

Bosnia and Herzegovina with its natural wealth provides the ideal opportunity for a number of extreme sports. It’s particularly attractive to the tourists because of its natural resources, which few countries in the world can boast with. There are many beautiful mountains and rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which provides the possibility of staying in intact nature, but also an unforgettable experience for all fans of adventure and an extra dose of adrenaline

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Sports and Recreation

The rugged and pristine wilderness that characterizes so much this Central Dinaric Alps land is a paradise for nature fans and adrenaline seekers. The diversity of both landscapes and eco-systems has created a stunning example of the wonders of nature.

Hiking and walking through the highlands and experiencing the old lifestyles thriving in the mountainous area is an unforgettable experience. White water rafting and kayaking down some of Europe’s most challenging rivers are our specialty – and the fun is for novice and pro alike.

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Cultural and Historical

Mixture of influences of various civilizations and cultures that are still recognizable in the archaeological sites, written cultural heritage, cultural and religious monuments and traces of urban and historical values can be found in the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a crossroad of East and West and arena of dynamic historical events.

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Business Tourism

Open economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its readiness to partake in international business cooperation represent a great challenge for businessmen from all over the world.
In Bosnia and Herzegovina you will find fully accepted modern business culture. In the past decade, the business community has, owing to the presence of various international agencies, foreign investors, and programs for technical support, adopted modern business practices.

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Spa and Health

Word "Bosnia" is apparently derived from an old Indo-European word "bosana", meaning water, something there is no lack of here for certain.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only blessed with a great abundance of crystal clear mountain rivers but with high quality thermal springs as well.

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Eco and Rural Tourism

are huge potentials for the development of village tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina - authentic villages with magnificent landscapes, preserved nature and first of all, warm hearted people. Sincere hospitality has always been a characteristic of people in these areas.
Although the development of eco and village tourism is still at the beginning because of the lack of a strategy, many local communities have been working on the improvement of their own tourist offer.

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Winter Tourism

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina has hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984. (ZOI '84.) Olympic mountains of Jahorina, Bjelasnica, Igman and Vlasic were adapted and fitted with the equipment for the top winter sports. Renovated and refurbished sports facilities offer exceptional conditions for a comfortable and active relaxation, recreation and entertainment during the winter season holidays to the tourists in these mountains.

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Family Tourism

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a pleasant destination for families and provides parents and children with a variety of possibilities for an unforgettable vacation. Discover a totally different Bosnia and Herzegovina, for example, on a bicycle in the Bosnian mountains, or on boats on the most beautiful lakes, or explore the fortresses and palaces in the old Bosnian towns.
We highly recommend a family vacation in BiH with some of our proposals and offers.

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