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Mixture of influences of various civilizations and cultures that are still recognizable in the archaeological sites, written cultural heritage, cultural and religious monuments and traces of urban and historical values can be found in the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a crossroad of East and West and arena of dynamic historical events.


  Many museums in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Bihac and Trebinje preserve Roman mosaics,Neolithic pottery, oriental architecture and many traces of rich cultural and historical heritage of BiH. 



A beautiful poetry and art arose from these deep roots, as well as the Nobel Prize for the literature,and achievements of a new generation – already world-famous Sarajevo Film Festival.There are two BiH monuments on UNESCO's World Heritage List - Stari Most (Old Bridge) in Mostarand Most (Bridge) Mehmed Pase Sokolovica in Visegrad.


BiH is already recognized as important tourist destination, which is proven by tourist visits in recent years.However, cultural tourism, as specific form of tourism that includes visits motivated by the interest in culturaland historical heritage, still does not occupy the position it deserves in BiH tourist offer.

Some of the reasons for such situation include war damage on many cultural and historical buildings and sites,poor investment in their renewal, a negative image of almost entire region and insufficient promotion in the widerregional and global plans.




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