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Eco and Rural Tourism

are huge potentials for the development of village tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina - authentic villages with magnificent landscapes, preserved nature and first of all, warm hearted people. Sincere hospitality has always been a characteristic of people in these areas.
Although the development of eco and village tourism is still at the beginning because of the lack of a strategy, many local communities have been working on the improvement of their own tourist offer.

Preserving traditions and customs of certain local areas in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming more and more integral part of the interest of a wide range of people with different profiles.

 In an effort to show the traditions and customs to others and share preserved beauty of the local community with as many people, so many enthusiasts give remarkable pioneering contribution to the development of rural tourism.


Although not fast enough and not with the desired effect, rural tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a recognizable tourist activity that leads to a larger income for individuals and communities.



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