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Family Tourism

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a pleasant destination for families and provides parents and children with a variety of possibilities for an unforgettable vacation. Discover a totally different Bosnia and Herzegovina, for example, on a bicycle in the Bosnian mountains, or on boats on the most beautiful lakes, or explore the fortresses and palaces in the old Bosnian towns.
We highly recommend a family vacation in BiH with some of our proposals and offers.


Tours of the most beautiful destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

An inevitable destination which all world tour operators offer their clients before arriving in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Stari Most (The Old Bridge) in Mostar. Stari Most in Mostar is a monument which is on UNESCO's list of protected World Heritage sites, as well as the bridge of Mehmed pasa (pasha) Sokolovic in Visegrad, which is becoming more common destination for tourists from around the world.
Among the most visited tourist destinations is Sarajevo’s center Bascarsija with its traditional small craft shops lined the narrow streets where artisans offer their products preserving the tradition and old ways of making objects for everyday use, as well as souvenirs and decorative items, made in ways that craftsmen keep, preserving and transferring the tradition from generation to generation for centuries.
Neum, a coastal city, is a summer top destination that embraces hundreds of thousands of tourists during the season. Arranged attractive facilities for an enjoyable vacation for the whole family in a pleasant lee protected from the sea winds, clear sea and rich varied offer for all, make Neum one of the top tourist destinations.


Vacation Areas

The natural beauty and varied offer of tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina is enriched by many vacation areas and arranged places for relaxation and recreation. There is hardly a town whose residents did not in the past decades and even centuries determined the areas of exquisite beauty comfortably spending their leisure moments in the natural environment. In modern time when life requires a quick pace in order for people to fulfill all their daily obligations, vacation areas represent the most attractive places to relax and gather energy for new endeavors.
Vacation areas are meeting and gatherings places of young people, the natural environment to socialize and relax those a bit older, beautiful countryside on the hills above the towns, beside the rivers, on the slopes of the mountains, along the clear streams. Many have been arranged by the requirements of modern man and adapted to the needs of today, with high-quality accesses, places for camping and barbecue, parking lots, the infrastructure for a longer stay, bike trails and numerous other facilities adapted for all ages.


Travels to the Villages

Preserved natural environment, escape from city bustle, healthy food prepared without the use of artificial fertilizers and additives, clean air, beautiful wide expanses of mountainous areas near urban centers, are just some of the characteristics of some of the most attractive destinations of rural tourism offer in Europe.


Bosnia and Herzegovina with its huge mountain ranges is a heaven for fans of mountains and mountaineering. Therefore, mountaineering, in its original form is an integral part of the life of the local population. Fans of mountain beauties began to merge back in the late nineteenth century in order to preserve the original beauties of mountains, companionship and mutual enjoyment in a mountain ambiance.

Winter in Bosnia

With high quality and consistent snowfall from December to March, the mountains of BiH have a climate ideal for winter sports. XIV Winter Olympic Games have proved the most successful for a period in which they occurred.
Although these days are already past, the quality of the trails is still topical. Olympic ski styles in Sarajevo and Jahorina mountains Bjelasnica and Jahorina become popular again. With a large range of new facilities and modern accommodation Sarajevo once again takes the place of the best skiing in southeastern Europe. However, Sarajevo is not the only ski center in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Vlasic Mountain near the old town of Travnik is the best organized ski resort in central Bosnia. With new additions of several new hotels and guest houses, Vlasic can not be ignored. There are two ski destinations in western Bosnia which are not exactly located on main roads. Kupres and Blidinje are situated in the vast wild areas in the far west of the country, but with a very mild ski slopes, suita
ble for all ages. Skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina - fast, fun and inexpensive.


Jadransko More (The Adriatic Sea).

Small number of you, while thinking about Bosnia and Herzegovina think about the Mediterranean. However, Herzegovina, southern area of BiH, has warm and sunny Mediterranean climate throughout the year.
Our small exit to the sea is Neum, a small and new town-resort is only less than an hour's drive away from Mostar and Dubrovnik. Neum offers Dalmatian cuisine and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea with a very low price. Located south of Peljesac peninsula, Neum is a fantastic place for a family holiday with a large number of hotels with full service and complete program for you and your family.

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