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The rugged and pristine wilderness that characterizes so much this Central Dinaric Alps land is a paradise for nature fans and adrenaline seekers. The diversity of both landscapes and eco-systems has created a stunning example of the wonders of nature.

Hiking and walking through the highlands and experiencing the old lifestyles thriving in the mountainous area is an unforgettable experience. White water rafting and kayaking down some of Europe’s most challenging rivers are our specialty – and the fun is for novice and pro alike.

BiH is also home to world class fly fishing rivers and hosts a rich population of bears, wolves, chamois, eagles and deer for wildlife observation. From mountain biking to paragliding, BiH is gifted with a great abundance of stunning scenery and a magnificent outlook that have been explored by few.

Treat yourself to the sweet taste of nature and the excitement and serenity of our intact wilderness. Come discover your next adventure!
The natural beauty and varied offer of tourist destinations is enriched by many places and arranged areas for recreation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is hardly a town whose residents are not in the past decades and even centuries determined the areas of exquisite beauty, comfortably spending their leisure moments in the natural environment. In modern time when life requires a quick pace in order for people to fulfill all the daily obligations, hiking places represent the most attractive places to relax and gather energy for new endeavors.

Hiking places are meeting and gathering places of young people, the natural environment to socialize and relax those a bit older, beautiful countryside on the hills above the towns, beside the rivers, on the slopes of the mountains, up the clear streams. Many have been adapted by the requirements of modern man and adjusted to the needs of today, with high-quality adapted approaches, areas for camping and barbecue, parking lots, the infrastructure for longer stay, bike trails and numerous other facilities adapted for all ages.

Sarajevo has its beautiful mountains Bjelasnica, Jahorina, Igman, Trebevic and Treskavica, where the inhabitants of the capital from ancient times knew how to spend holidays comfortably, Bihac has its Una and its beautiful coastline, people from Mostar relax and enjoy along Neretva River, people from Tuzla love their Ilincica, people from Zenica like to go on Smetovi and to the coast of Bosna, people from Banja Luka rest on the slopes of Kozara and beside Vrbas River... All these places are attractive throughout the year, especially during the holidays of May Day when for the first time in year the largest number of people feel the beauty of spring and the upcoming summer.

At many hiking places, attractive events for big groups of athletes, nature fans, students trips, visiting groups and individual tourists visit are prepared. One of the most visited tourist destination is Bijambare area at the entrance to the cave having the same name not far from Sarajevo towards Olovo.

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